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How to set your best table this Christmas

Christmas is coming and we’re well into the swing of the numerous parties and dinners that the festive season brings. Creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests is always key to start your party off on the right foot and setting a beautiful table is a brilliant way to do this. 

At Tableday we believe in fun without the fuss, so we’ve gathered our top tips to set a beautiful Christmas table easily. Whether you’re hosting Christmas lunch for your family on the day itself, or throwing a pre-Christmas dinner party for your friends, these easy tips can help you set your best Christmas table.

1. Decide how you’ll serve the food

Will you serve your meal in large sharing bowls at the table, or will you serve up individual plates in the kitchen? This boring yet practical decision is key to planning how you’ll set your Christmas table. 

Serving up individual plates for people means you can fill the centre of your table with foliage, candles and other decorations. 

If you’re planning for your guests to serve themselves at the table, you will need to leave space for dishes and make sure to arrange candles where they won’t be a hazard when people reach for the roast potatoes. Setting your auntie on fire will create a memorable Christmas, but not for the right reasons.

Tableday tip: Tableday kits contain enough table decoration to make your table beautiful whilst leaving room for food dishes or your own accessories

2. Be prepared

Let’s face it, on Christmas Day you want to be having fun, not counting forks. If possible, gather your plates, cutlery, glasses and table linen in advance so you can easily set it out on the day, or even better - the day before. If you need to use your tableware on Christmas Eve, you can still set out placemats, charger plates and the table centrepiece in advance and fold your napkins ahead of time too.

If you don’t have a separate dining room, you may not be able to lay the whole table in advance. But planning ahead so that your plates and glasses will be clean and ready to go will make setting the table go more smoothly.

Preparing in advance so you’re not laying your table in a rush will make the process more enjoyable and give you time to make sure everything is neat and tidy to create a magical table for your guests.

Tableday tip: Tableday kits make setting a table really easy, but it’s still a good idea to leave enough time to enjoy the process 

3. Write placecards

Writing placecards with your guests’ names is an easy way to create a sense of occasion for your Christmas dinner. It also means you can seat your guests where you think they’ll have the best time. Traditionally, guests would be seated with men and women alternating and partners separated. But it’s 2021! Seat people wherever you think is best, and wherever they’re least likely to cause an argument.

If you are worried about your handwriting, you can always practice in pencil first. Writing in a pen with a narrower tip will make any mistakes less obvious.

Tableday tip: Our Tableday Christmas kits include a spare placecard in case of mistakes

Rustic Christmas table decorations

4. Iron and polish

A simple way to add a touch of luxury to your Christmas table decorations is to polish your glasses and iron your tablecloth, if you have one.

To polish glasses, we recommend holding them bowl side down over a pan of steamy water with a spoonful of white vinegar added. Then polish with a cloth, tea towel or, our favourite, a smooth microfibre cloth. You can also use this trick on cutlery to add extra sparkle to your table setting.

Ironing your tablecloth really makes a big difference to how your table looks. The easiest way is to spread it on the table and iron it there. It's best to do this with a foam mat table protector. Don’t use steam or too high a heat if your table is delicate.

Tableday tip: Winter table settings are all about creating sparkly warmth when it’s gloomy outside. Our kits have plenty of light-catching elements, and your glasses and cutlery will add the final flourish.

Silver Christmas table decorations

5. Add extras

There are lots of extras you can add to your dining table to create an easy Christmas centrepiece. If you have any candles or tealight holders around your house, bring them to the table to create more magical candlelight. Add small Christmas trees you may have elsewhere, or other festive ornaments such as baubles, nutcrackers or reindeer.

Make your own DIY Christmas table decorations by collecting pine cones and scattering them along the centre. Clip small fronds of pine tree or holly from outside and pop in a bud vase or use as a napkin decoration. Tie ribbon from presents around bud vases or the base of candlesticks.

Tableday tip: If you’re a keen tablescaper, our kits provide a brilliant base for wherever your imagination takes you. We’d love to see any additions you make!

Gold Christmas table decorations

6. Use a Tableday Kit

Of course we're biased, but using a Tableday kit really is the simplest way to make setting your Christmas table easy. Our kits come with all the Christmas table decorations you need to set a beautiful table - no need to run out to buy extra flowers or candles. Our kits are designed to make the plates, cutlery and glasses you already own look beautiful, so you’re not stuck with a set of Christmas crockery you only use once a year.

This year we have three Christmas table setting kits to suit whatever Christmas mood you have:

Gold - Lay out our Silent Night kit to create a luxury, elegant feel

Silver - Our silver Christmas table decorations create a frosty winter wonderland tablescape

Natural - Our red and green table decorations are traditional, cosy and warm

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Using these tips, you’re sure to set a beautiful Christmas table that your guests will remember for years to come. Merry Christmas! 



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