How do Tableday kits work?

Tableday kits are designed to accessorise the plates, glasses and cutlery you already own. We think a few key additions are all you need to make your table beautiful.

We offer different types of kits:

Signature Kits

Our largest and most comprehensive kit is made up of 10 table elements. If you are new to tablescaping, start with one of these kits. They are designed to upgrade your everyday crockery to easily create a beautiful table, with full instructions included.

If you are already a pro, our Signature Kits are great for layering with your fancy plates. The kit includes all the items you need to add beauty, style and depth to your table.

Occasion Kits

Our Occasion Kits are specifically tailored to match, complement and add to our Signature Kits for special occasions. They contain additional or upgraded elements that will immediately transform your Signature Kit.


Refresh Kits

Refresh Kits are the perfect way to change the look of your Signature Kit. By simply switching the napkins and candles, you can create a whole new vibe for your table.

We have curated our Refresh Kits to perfectly complement your Signature Kit. A new look, with no fuss.

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