How to: Napkin folding 


Top Tips

If you have the time and the will, there are small things you can do to make a big difference. Below we list some top tips and suggestions to enhance your table setting! 

Table runner and linen tips
  • There are no strict rules on table runner length! Your runner can lie within the borders of your table or overhang at each end. We don’t recommend cutting your runner to the same length of your table - either shorter or longer is best.
  • Use your favourite tablecloth if you have one, and give it an iron - it’s all in the detail
  • You can layer your table runner on any tablecloth- it doesn’t have to be one or the other
 Placemat and charger plate tips 
  • Lay your placemat as close to the edge of your table as possible and position your charger plate in the centre of your placemat. You may also place your charger plate in line with the bottom of the placemat - this just brings the plate and food a little closer to the person seated. 
  • As you lay your table - ensure that the place settings opposite each other are in line. For larger tables - try to keep the gap between place settings equal
  • Line up your chairs with your place settings
 Candle and candlestick tips
  •  Don’t place tall candlesticks in between two facing guests or this will obstruct eye contact - try using the gap between guests for tall items
  • Some of our candles are a snug fit - swirl the bottom of the candle in a cup of boiled water for 5 seconds and press the candle into the candlestick- this will mould to the correct size and shape. 
 Napkin tips
  • Our pinch and fold napkin style is quick and easy and doesn’t require a degree in Origami. Check out our video if you are struggling. 
 Crockery tips
  • Polish your cutlery, the shinier the better! Remember all eyes will be on your table. 
  • Check your glasses for water stains and give them a polish - a little steam or warm water and a clean tea towel will do the trick! 
Mood and service Tips
  • Check out our Spotify playlists and set the mood with some music
  • Light your candles before taking your place at your beautiful table
  • Turn down your lights if you can - candlelight makes everything better 
  • Pour water and drinks and ensure everyone's glass is full before serving food
  • Collect everyone's napkin ring once they are settled - 5 star service!